Turn Your 15" Laptop Screen Into a 3D Display for £80

By Gary Cutlack on at

The image above is a not-very-realistic portrayal of how the Spatial View 3DeeScreen manages to turn several models of 15.6" Dell and HP laptops running Windows 7 into glasses-free 3D displays.

For $129 you get a magnetically attached lens to pop over your display and some accompanying software, which between them also manage a form of head-tracking -- enabling it to adapt the 3D effect to your position. It supports 3D Blu-ray titles, plus Spatial View's cobbling together its own 3DeeCentral portal, which aggregates together loads of 3D material to watch.

And yes, it'll ship the thing to Europe if you like the idea of augmenting your laptop's reality. [Spatial View via Slashgear]