UK Broadband Speeds Higher, But ISP Promises Still Far From the Truth

By Gary Cutlack on at

The latest data from comms watchdog Ofcom has found that average UK broadband speeds in November of 2011 were up 22 per cent compared with the same month of 2010, but we're still a long way from getting anything like what we're promised.

During November of 2011 we, as a nation, managed to download whatever we were downloading at an average speed of 7.6Mb per second, compared with 6.2Mb way back in the dark days of November 2010. How unsophisticated we were back then.

Ofcom says the increase isn't really being driven by a general improvement in speed across the board. Instead, the growth is coming from customers switching to faster packages from BT and Virgin and driving up the averages.

But we're still a long way from getting a connection speed that matches the claims in the adverts. Ofcom says 58% of all UK connections had an advertised speed of greater than 10Mb, and while that may be achievable for those living in new builds sat right on top of telephone exchanges, many in rural areas are still languishing way beneath the national average. [Ofcom]

Image credit: Broadband from Shutterstock