UK Gets Stiffed Over Amazon's International Kindle Touch Release

By Sam Gibbs on at

You have to wonder why Amazon’s decided to keep the UK out of its international Kindle Touch release – our lucky next-door neighbours over in Ireland can now get their mitts on the touchable reader, so why not us Brits?

Amazon slipped this one out under the radar; you have to go to the US Kindle Touch page and select your country of shipping to find out if you can buy it. Some of our other European neighbours aren’t as lucky as the Irish either, with France and Germany excluded too. Debt-ridden Greece can buy it right now though too, so perhaps Amazon’s following a particularly unsuccessful-sounding trend here.

Come on Amazon. Britain wants a touchable Kindle, and we’ve been waiting patiently for it since September. Why are you making us wait so long for the “only book gadget you need”? [Amazon via Cnet UK]