Users Deserting TalkTalk -- 170,000 Customers Left Last Year

By Gary Cutlack on at

The seemingly quite unpopular TalkTalk is still seeing its subscriber numbers slide, with 50,000 users leaving the broadband provider in the last quarter of 2011. That takes ship-jumpers up to 170,000 since November of 2010.

There is some good news for TalkTalk in its latest financial data, though. The demand for ever-faster broadband has led to an increased spend from its existing users, who are now paying an average of £25.30 per month for more "premium" internet and TV bundles -- up from £24.70 the previous year.

The ISP also said the arrival of the YouView on-demand service is still on track for early this year, and it's getting on top of customer complaints, stating: "We have continued to improve our customers' experience with further falls in customer service call volumes and an increase in the rate of online self-service. As a result, churn has stabilised and we remain confident of a return to positive total net adds in the first half of 2012." [TalkTalk via The Guardian]