ViewSonic ViewPhone 4S -- Small, High-Res Smartphone

By Gary Cutlack on at

ViewSonic has just announced a whole batch of new smartphones at Mobile World Congress, with the highlight being its slim and colourful little ViewPhone 4S model. Wonder where it got that name from?

The ViewPhone 4S is another Android 4.0 device, this time running on a 3.5" IPS display at a high 960x640 resolution. This gives it a 326ppi technical pixel count, which is on the high side and ought to make it all look very sharp indeed. This 4S also comes with support for two SIM cards, ViewSonic's own ViewScape 3D user interface and runs on a 1GHz processor with a 5megapixel camera.

Given the slightly low-end spec of the internals, ViewSonic's aiming to get this on the market in Q2 of this year for a relatively reasonable price of around £315. [ViewSonic]