Virgin Media Bumps Up Broadband Prices After Free Speed Boost Promise

By Sam Gibbs on at

Only a couple of months after Virgin promised to double customer broadband speed for free, it looks like you’re going to have to pay for it, in a round about way anyway.

After apparently announcing a price reduction for its top-tier broadband package, Virgin’s bumping up the price of many of its cable services. The price hike will include broadband and calling charges, which will see the “average” customer paying around £2.68 more per month. Virgin’s most popular internet package “large” will get a £1.50 a month increase if taken alone, or just £1 if taken with a phone line – not exactly Earth-shattering, but it’s just another charge to cope with at a time when most of us aren’t exactly swimming in it.

Some call charges will also be increased by 12 per cent, while the free calling period will be shifted back an hour later in the evening from 6pm to 7pm, which might anger the evening chatters amongst us. The changes will come into force on the first of April, with customers being informed this week in writing.

Quite a few of the other ISP and phone providers have also jacked up their prices recently, so I can’t blame Virgin for doing this. Still, it feels like a bit of a backhander to promise free speed bumps for all only to jack up the price of the same broadband packages a couple of months later – perhaps Virgin’s plan was to soften the blow of price increases with the pre-promise of faster internet; pretty sneaky of Virgin if true. [The Guardian]

Image credit: Bill increase from Shutterstock