Watch Grown Men Tazering Each Other as They Chase After a Giant Football

By Sam Gibbs on at

What do you get if you take a massive football, some tazers and two teams of obviously insane adrenaline junkies and mix them all up? Ultimate Tazer Ball that’s what; it’s the future of sport apparently.

The crazy thing is that it looks like people are trying to set up an actual league of the tazer-equipped sport, with four teams already accounted for. I would say it’s just another “only in America thing”, but it looks like there’s even a team entered by the mild-mannered Canadians.

Pain, speed, glory and testosterone – it’s got it all. Frankly, I think I’d actually watch this. It kind of reminds me of the classic game Speedball 2 that I played on my Sega Mega Drive, only with real people and a 60cm ball. Awesome. [YouTube via BuzzFeed]