We've Pimped Giz UK Today, With Reply Notifications and More

By Kat Hannaford on at

In the four-and-a-half months Giz UK's been live, we've seen over 26,000 comments -- a number most UK tech sites would take years to accumulate. As this completely took us by surprise, it's taken us until now to roll out several much-requested commenting features including, yup, reply notifications. Grab my hand, and let's take a tour:

^ Reply Notifications

When you're logged into the site, the toolbar up top will display the number of replies your comments have attracted. Click your name, and you can then see who has replied to which comments -- then navigate over there and troll them put them right.

^ See Which Posts Are Most Popular

A red flame suggests heat, and that's exactly what our red-flamed posts are packin'. Basically, it's a cheat sheet for what everyone else is diggin'. Not that you like to follow the crowd, or anything...

^ Follow Your Favourite Authors

If you really dig a particular writer's style, or want to find an article you know someone wrote about, click on the author's name alongside a post to dig through their archives.

^ Click Around Our Most Popular Tags

Want to know what our most popular tags are at any given moment? Scroll down the page, where you'll see the 24 most popular types of content at that particular time, ranked in order of heat. FYI, "Giz UK" is added to posts that originate from the UK (as opposed to stories we've syndicated from our big daddy in the States), so if you happen to read both sites, you may want to bookmark this URL: http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/tag/giz-uk/.

We've also cleaned up a few other parts of the site, which you may notice in your travels. As with this sort of stuff, you may notice a few bugs -- in which case, please feel free to email me on kat.hannaford[at]futurenet.com, or comment below. And if you have any suggestions for future upgrades, do feel free to drop 'em in the comments below -- our developer Colin will be sure to notice them, and any pressure we can apply to "those above" who hold the purse-strings will definitely help hurry things along. And before you ask -- yes, the ability to edit comments is a-coming at some point, but in the meantime, perhaps invest in a dictionary, hmm...?

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