Who Needs a PC When You Can Just Hook Up Your Android Phone to a Monitor and Keyboard

By Sam Gibbs on at

Motorola’s had a stab at trying to get people to use their phone as a surrogate computer with its Atrix 4G – it wasn’t all that great as a netbook replacement. But things have drastically improved with the introduction of Ice Cream Sandwich, so why not just hook up your Galaxy Nexus to a monitor, keyboard and trackpad to give you an instant desktop computer?

That’s what Christian Cantrell an enterprising Android user decided to do. He found that Google has created quite a few little hooks for a keyboard and trackpad combo that makes it a pretty slick experience. For instance, there’s an alt-tab-style program switcher for quick multi-tasking switching just like you’re used to on a desktop, and the recent Chrome beta really brings a desktop-class browsing experience to Android.

Cantrell could do pretty much everything he wanted with just Android, with the only complaint being the horsepower available from the hardware. Considering it’s not designed to operate as a desktop replacement, it’s pretty impressive. We really are close to the one computer in your pocket of the future and I can’t wait. [YouTube]