Who Needs Films in 3D When You Can Get 4D Cinema in the UK?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Cineworld’s currently upgrading a few select cinemas into the 4th dimension – it’s going to shake you into life, literally.

The cinema chain is installing 35 vibrating D-Box chairs in its Renfrew Street multiplex in Glasgow that’ll sync up with the movie and sound track, shaking you at appropriately explosive moments.

The experience will go live on the 9th of March in Scotland, with Cineworld in the O2, Greenwich; Cineworld Crawley, and Cineworld Milton Keynes all joining suit in the near future. Cineworld’s committing to rolling out multi-sensorial arenas in the next two years too, so we might be in for more than just bone shaking in 2014.

I have to say I think 3D is a bit of a crappy gimmick, and while 4D certainly sounds even more so, I’m not going to pass judgement until I’ve had my own taste of presumably horrendously expensive in-seat vibes. [The Register]