Why Weren't These Awesome iPhone-Equipped Laser Tag Guns Available When I Was a Kid?

By Sam Gibbs on at

We had the original Nerf foam dart guns when I was a kid, for when your Super Soaker just wasn’t allowed in the house. But these new Nerf Laser Tag guns that let you slot your iPhone in the top for some augmented reality blasting would have totally blown my little 11-year-old mind.

The guns hook up with an app on your iPhone or iPod touch to display your health and current gear load-out for multi-player matchups, as well as an augmented virtual reality single player mode for the lonely children (or big kids with no friends) among us.

The app will unlock new attacks, gear and track your progression up the Laser Tag leaderboard, as well as giving you simulated tracer fire so you can perfect your aim.

They should set you back around £50 for two in the US, but import prices will vary. Look out for them starting August 1st. [Engadget]