Windows Phone Tablets On the Way From Microsoft?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apparently Microsoft is working up a greater range of devices than just phones for its Windows Phone platform that includes potential tablets according to rumours.

TechRadar has it that the current implementation of Windows Phone is just one of six devices in the pipeline. The Windows Phone Design Studio’s General Manager, Albert Shum, claimed it was something they’re working on and that "you want an ecosystem that's not just about having just one or two things; you want diversity."

Whether this means Windows Phone 8 on tablets rather than Windows 8 on tablets, is unclear.  I’m certainly under the impression that it’s Windows 8 for tablets, regardless of whether they’re ARM or x86-based, not Windows Phone. Perhaps we’ll get a Windows Tablet 8; I certainly wouldn’t put it past Microsoft to roll out yet another named iteration of the Windows 8 family, but let’s hope Microsoft’s learnt its lesson on that one.

There are also rumours Microsoft’s already thinking of changing the form-factor requirements for Windows Phone 8, bumping it up in screen resolution and processing power for instance. It could be that we’ll see smaller, cheaper Windows phones too. Microsoft’s rigid requirements for Windows Phone 7 have made even the cheaper end a decent experience, but they’re not really that cheap though.

Here’s hoping Microsoft sticks with Windows Phone for phones and Windows 8 for tablets. No matter how much I like Windows Phone, it’d be nice to have the option of something more akin to a full computing experience on a tablet, rather than a purely mobile OS like the iPad and Android tablets. [TechRadar]