Yahoo Wants to Help Britons In the Search For That Perfect App

By Sam Gibbs on at

Yahoo thinks it’s a bit a chore searching for apps for your pocket pal, and maybe it’s right. Now you can use Yahoo App Search in the UK to search for apps on both iPhone and Android (you do own both right?).

Yahoo App Search pulls listings from both the Android Market and iOS App Store, allowing you to search by keyword as well as filter by platform and by price. Once you’ve found your app of choice you can get Yahoo to send you a text with a link to it (if you trust Yahoo with your phone number that is); scan a QR code, or hit a link to go to the app store of your chosen platform on your desktop.

Yahoo’s also going to curate some lists such as “Top Trending”, top free and top paid apps. Considering neither the iOS App Store nor the Android Market are particularly easy to search, especially using keywords and not app names, perhaps Yahoo’s onto something here – I’ve certainly been infuriated with the crappy search on the iOS App Store in the past.

At any rate, the search service is free, so if you’re looking for an app for that it might be worth giving a test drive.