Yeah, That's Probably Not the Best Comparison to Make When Talking of Your Google TV Remote, Sony

By Kat Hannaford on at

When discussing the changes between the US and European remotes, Sony's business development chap for Google TV, Ralph Becker, made the above observation regarding the US remote (pictured above). At least RIM has one fan? He also took us through the additions we'll see when it launches in Spring/Summer (or even as late as October?), including the gyroscope and microphone.

While Becker only demonstrated one game that uses the gyroscope (some sort of Asteroids-style adventure), he admitted that there's no real usage for it yet, but they thought they'd whack it in "so app developers can play around with it at a later stage."

He also confirmed that the microphone, for voice control (handy when searching!) will only be in the remote that comes bundled with the Blu-ray drive-equipped NSZ-GP9 model. For photos of the touchpad-enabled European remote, check out the gallery above.