War Against Newzbin2 Continues: Yet Another Forced Blockade Gets Pushed Through

By Sam Gibbs on at

I’m not quite sure how this is still happening given the recent EU rulings deeming the practice of forced blockage illegal, but TalkTalk has now been court ordered to rub Newsbin2 off the map.

TalkTalk was asked nicely in November, but thankfully it had enough backbone to say no, only if ordered. Now that court order has been granted meaning the most complained about ISP has no choice in the matter.

It seems like the UK is becoming quite a piracy crackdown hotbed given the recent actions by SOCA and all this internet filtering. If the media companies and rozzers can do this now, imagine how bad it could be with a SOPA-like act, or even ACTA, drawn up. [ZDNet UK]