You Can Print Your Own OLED Display Now

By Andrew Liszewski on at

We're already pretty much in love with OLED displays, but besides stunning picture quality and low power consumption, when they were first introduced it was promised that one day OLED panels could be actually printed. And that day has finally come.

Konica Minolta has created the first printhead that can be used for electronics manufacturing applications thanks to its incredibly small inkjets that can create drops a mere picolitre in size.

It's just under 4cm wide, but the company has managed to cram 128 nozzles across its width. The printhead will also be coupled to a system that can position and control the nozzles with pinpoint accuracy, which is pretty vital when you're laying down pixels.

The new technology isn't some far-off concept stuck in Konica's research labs either. Samples will be shipped to manufacturers as early as the spring, meaning that in a few years you could easily print off a new display for your phone in-between copies of that quarterly report. [Konica Minolta via OLED-Display via SlashGear]