You'll Be Able to Watch Usain Bolt in 3D This Year

By Sam Gibbs on at

The BBC has laid out its plans for a few small 3D broadcasts from the Olympics this year. Not a whole lot will get the 3D treatment, but fans of arguably the biggest race of the games, the 100m men’s final, will be pleased to know you’ll get to experience it in all its stereoscopic glory.

The opening and closing ceremonies will also be broadcast in 3D as well a highlights package at the end of each day. It’ll be broadcast over the Beeb’s HD channel meaning anyone with a 3D TV should be able to watch it without a pay-TV subscription.

I’ve yet to be convinced that 3D is the future, mainly because of the headaches and the glasses. But if 3D helps convey the sheer speed and agility of Bolt and co, then that can’t be bad, right?

Image credit: 2012 Runner from Shutterstock