Young Designers of the World, the James Dyson Award Is On Once Again

By Kat Hannaford on at

In addition to making vacuum cleaners that suck, and hand-driers that blow, Dyson also grooms young designers by supporting them with the annual James Dyson Award, which asks students around the world to invent a product that solves a problem. They've just put the call out for this year's awards, which will net the winner £20,000.

That's £10,000 for themselves, plus another £10,000 for their school. Open to 18 countries, the students must submit their inventions by the 2nd of August 2012, if they wish to follow young designers such as last year's winner Edward Linacre from Melbourne, who created the Airdrop, and 2010's winner Samuel Adeloju, with the life-aid bazooka.

If someone needs any ideas, here's a freebie: please invent a sieve which you can actually clean properly? [James Dyson Award]