A Kid From Wales Shows You Why Using Candles With Your Wii Is Just a Bad Idea

By Jon Partridge on at

An eight-year-old from Wales, who only wanted to play on his Nintendo Wii, has suffered severe burns after using candles as a replacement for the sensor bar just like the video above.

A couple of tea lights were adapted in place of the IR sensor bar -- which uses LEDs to assist the Wiimote in positioning itself -- when it appears that his original sensor bar was on the fritz. Gamers have found that the Wii's sensor bar can be replaced by any two infra-red sources, and in this unlucky case, a pair of tea lights.

The boy, Cairan Davies of Ammanford, Carmarthenshire, was airlifted to hospital from his home and is recovering from his burns in a specialist unit, but it is unclear exactly how the accident happened. I would have gone with a couple of old TV remotes, but then pyromaniacs come young these days. Ouch.  [BBC News]