ZTE Doing Android 4.0 on a Budget This Year

By Gary Cutlack on at

Chinese mobile maker ZTE has revealed it'll be showing off two new Android models at next week's Mobile World Congress event, one of which we're pretty likely to see hit our shelves during 2012.

The highest-end of the pair is the PF200, which features a 4.3" capacitive touch screen, 8megapixel rear camera and 1080p front-facing cam for really pulling out those crow's-feet when doing video chats. Extra tech features include DLNA support, MHL integration for sharing data via USB and a built-in NFC chip. Just in case Europe suddenly starts giving a toss about contactless payments.

The other ZTE model is the N910, which we're less likely to see on sale here due to it being a CDMA and LTE model. But just to fill you in on it, it's a relatively boring mid-range option with 800x480 screen and 5megapixel camera.

The PF200 is the one to watch for those looking for a budget Ice Cream Sandwich phone later this year. [ZTE]