A Freaky Six-Legged Cow Becomes a Swiss National Treasure

By Sam Gibbs on at

I have to admit, we have some weird national treasures we’re proud of here in Blighty, but nothing quite beats a cow with six legs. Lilli the calf was born with two extra appendages attached to her back due to a rare genetic deformity and wasn’t expected to survive. But the plucky hexaped beat the odds and now frolics around with the rest of her brood to the delight of the Swiss everywhere.

It’s just a bit creepy seeing a cow with another two legs attached to its back – you have to wonder whether the beef you eat and the milk you drink sometimes comes from these kinds of freak animals. But then she is pretty cute looking – cute enough to melt the hearts of the triangular chocolate-munching Swiss, even if not us stonehearted Brits. [YouTube via The Metro]