A Headline About "Continuing" in Reference to GAME's Possible Salvation

By Gary Cutlack on at

When we last mentioned the plight of poor high street retailer GAME, its share price was languishing at a new low of 0.6p. It's now up to well over 3p today, on the back of positive news of a potential buyer stepping in to save the day.

In fact, there are several rumoured buyers floating about. One states that US retail giant Walmart may be coming up with an offer, while private investment fund OpCapita (of Comet for £2 fame) is also said to be talking to the chain's lenders, in the hope of coming up with a deal that may save some of the thousands of jobs currently on the line.

It'll be an uphill struggle to sustain the business, though. Yet more publishers have confirmed their latest releases won't be stocked by the chain, with several key titles from Sega, Microsoft and Activision joining the list of games you won't be seeing on GAME shelves when they launch over the coming weeks, due to its continuing woes. [Guardian via MCVUK]