Adam Buxton's Hilarious Music and Random Internet Video Show Is Moving to the Goggle Box

By Sam Gibbs on at

He of BBC Radio 6 fame, Adam Buxton’s live show at the BFI in Southbank, called Bug, has managed to snag itself its own TV show courtesy of Sky. Bug shows a combination of weird and wonderful music videos, mashed together with YouTube comments, anecdotes and Buxton’s own creations, into a wonderfully off-the-wall show that you’ll now be able to watch from the comfort of your own home.

“I tell people that Bug is like going round to a friend’s house and having him open up his laptop and show you interesting and amusing things he’s found or made, except not as tedious and shit as that sounds,” said Buxton.

Each episode will apparently feature an original music video produced by Buxton and some other “leading directors”. According to Sky it’ll be chock full of "innovative and ground-breaking videos, include special guests from the world of music videos, and highlight the funniest comments on the web".

We all know how hilarious some internet commenters can be, so this might be worth checking out if you’ve got Sky. It’ll be broadcast on Sky Atlantic in the autumn. [The Guardian]