Advertising Rumour Pegs the Samsung Galaxy S III For an April UK Landing

By Sam Gibbs on at

MWC has been and gone, now the Samsung Galaxy S III rumours can start again. This time it's another predicting an April roll out for the UK, in good time for the Olympics.

ZDnet Korea has it on good authority from one of Samsung’s chief marketing companies, Cheil Worldwide, that it’s gearing up for an all-out Galaxy S III advertising assault on the UK in April, in the run up to London 2012.

Treat this as pure rumour for now, but it lines up neatly with what we’ve heard in the past. The UK is apparently the target first-market for Samsung this year, so Blighty might get it ahead of others too. Considering the rumoured specs, this’ll be one hell of an Android phone to lust over. [ZDnet Korea via BGR]