Amazon's Kindle Touch Now Available For Pre-Order In UK (With Hefty UK Price Hike)

By Kat Hannaford on at

In typical fashion, we're being screwed with a significant price-hike of around £30 (after taxes) between the US Kindle Touch and the UK model, which is now available to pre-order from tonight. But what the heck -- £109 is still a pretty decent price, especially considering the new model is touchscreen and comes with the handy X-ray tool for skimming 'n cribbing up on characters.

In our US brothers' review of the Kindle Touch, they called it the "only book gadget you need," and after a brief play around with one yesterday, I was suitably impressed with how lightweight it felt, and the responsiveness of the touchscreen.

Both Wi-Fi and 3G models are available to pre-order from tonight, with the Wi-Fi version costing £109 and the 3G a more hefty £169. Battery life has been improved to two months (based on around 30 minutes' usage each day), and the storage has been upped to the point where each Kindle can hold 3,000 books comfortably.

There's just one piece of bad news I have to add -- they're not shipping until April 27th. But considering how long we've already waited for it, another month isn't that bad, is it? Unless they happen to announce that the Kindle Fire is coming to the UK before then, natch... [Kindle Touch Wi-Fi pre-order; Kindle Touch 3G pre-order]