Apparently Someone Really Does Want a Phablet Like the Galaxy Note and It's Selling Better Than the iPhone

By Sam Gibbs on at

It might be smack-bang in the middle of that awkward zone -- neither phone sized nor a proper tablet -- but the stylus-equipped Samsung Galaxy Note is selling in its droves; at least in Australia, according to the Australian cut-price electronics entrepreneur, Ruslan Kogan, talking exclusively to Giz UK.

Kogan said that he’s seeing the Galaxy Note selling hand-over-fist – more than the iPhone in fact. Now that’s a lot of phablets.

Given the volume that Kogan ships, it’s a fair indication of the overall sales down-under. Whether the same is true in the UK (I highly doubt it), Samsung’s sales figures might come as a bit of a shock. My guess is that Asia loves it due to the ability to draw in their non-Latin characters – it’s a lot easier to sketch out logograms with a stylus than attempt to bash them out with a poor substitute keyboard.

No wonder the Koreans are taking the phablet and turning it into a proper stylus-equipped 10-inch tablet. And there we thought it was only “artists” buying them up.