Apple Barred from Beating Kodak's Dead Horse

By Andrew James on at

Apple has been pursuing a patent lawsuit against Kodak over the rights to its LCD screen previews used in its digital cameras, printers and digital picture frames. But with Kodak in Chapter 11, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Allen Gropper has ordered Apple to back off, putting current lawsuits on hold and blocking any further legal action until Kodak has sorted out its financial issues..

Kodak has to sell off all its patents by June under the terms of a £600 million loan – the only thing keeping the company from completely bottoming out. The digital picture frame producer accused Apple of trying to hinder its patent sales with extraneous lawsuits, but that's no longer an option for Apple. Any attempt to bring another patent suit against Kodak would be seen as "creditor harassment." But don't get down on Apple for bullying. Kodak has been actively tossing patent suits at Samsung, HTC, Fujifilm and, of course, Apple – and that's just since January. [Reuters]

Image credit: AP