Apple Finally Went and Shoved 1GB of RAM In an iPad

By Sam Gibbs on at

An early benchmark from the device itself has apparently confirmed what we thought – Apple’s kitted out the new iPad with 1GB of RAM, but kept the clock speed of its CPU at 1GHz.

In theory more RAM should mean that the new iPad multitasks better than the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S. Of course Apple’s “multitasking” system doesn’t eat up RAM like true multitasking does, so you might not notice it under real world usage. Still, at the very least it should mean big, resource heavy apps like Garageband, iMovie and iPhoto will fire up and run a bit snappier. I know Apple isn’t about specs, but apart from cost, you have to wonder why it took it this long to bite-the-bullet and slap 1GB in there. Apple does love a good, healthy profit margin I guess. [Sonny Dickson via chronic]