Apple: Our UK Siri Advertising Didn't Lie

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apple didn't mislead UK consumers over what Siri would be capable of when it arrived over here, it was our stupid fault for watching US announcements and getting too excited over features we were never going to get.

That's what the Advertising Standards Authority had to say on the matter, following a complaint made over a Vodafone advert for Apple's new iPhone 4S and its much talked about virtual assistant.

The ASA found that the Apple ad, which was supplied to Vodafone by the tech giant, made no mention of the Siri features that would be cut from the UK version of the app, with the ASA saying the "average consumer" in the UK wouldn't be expecting to find features mentioned during the high-profile US launch event.

Which seems a little unfair, given how globally atuned we all are today. Here's the ASA's text on the issue:

"We considered that some consumers may have had prior knowledge of what Siri was reportedly able to do in the US and, with this knowledge, might read into the ad that Siri users in the UK would benefit from similar maps-based functionality. However we did not consider that these consumers represented the average consumer in the UK and, because the ad in itself had not explicitly or implicitly made such claims, we concluded that the ad was not misleading."

So the ad wasn't misleading, it was just the way the world reported the US version's features as gospel. The whole world is wrong, not Apple. [ASA via The Register]