Apple Planning Haptic "Textured" Touchscreen for iPad HD?

By Gary Cutlack on at

As well as this little lot of iPad 3 rumours, there's one extra -- and potentially genuinely exciting -- new possibility. A haptic touchscreen that lets users feels textured surfaces.

According to new rumours posted by the Guardian today, Apple's iPad 3 or iPad HD could be based around the Senseg technology we saw at Mobile World Congress, or use something very similar to add more in the way of touch feedback to its display.

Senseg's E-Sense technology uses electronic elements around the screen and an additional coating to create an advanced form of haptic feedback, which it believes gives users the impression of rough or rounded areas on the screen. Senseg has previously mentioned it's had discussions with unnamed tablet makers, so it may well be onboard the Apple cash train.

The inclusion of some sort of advanced haptic display would certainly make the announcement of another, slightly better iPad much more exciting a prospect than if Apple were to just up the screen resolution and OS number by a few increments. [Guardian]