Apple's New Patent All But Confirms an Apple HDTV Is in the Works

By Sam Gibbs on at

Well, if you needed any further convincing that Apple’s working on an HDTV here it is – Apple’s been awarded a patent for some high refresh rate LCD technology for a TV, all but confirming that Cupertino’s working up the fabled iTV.

The patent describes the use of an off-shoot of IPS screen technology similar to S-IPS, which furthers high refresh rate LCD technology with something called fringe field switching (FFS). Previously FFS could only be used with smaller screens, so this new technology patent indicates Apple’s likely after the 40-inch and above screen size -- right in the HDTV sweet spot.

I still reckon that we won’t see an Apple HDTV, in the UK at least, without some sort of solid content line-up. Whether it’s based around channels as apps or a subscription IPTV service, Apple will have a hard sell getting people to fork out premium TV money without it. I’m not sure I’d even buy an Apple HDTV – I think I’d rather just bolt a cheap set-top box onto a Lumabox to get my IPTV. [Patently Apple via 9to5Mac]