ASA Tells an Idiot How Vacuum Cleaners Work

By Gary Cutlack on at

Here's a great example of how miserable it must be working for the Advertising Standards Authority. A member of the public complained that a Dyson ad that claimed its cylinder cleaners featured "no loss of suction" was misleading, because if you never emptied a vacuum cleaner it would lose suction eventually.

The ASA humoured the idiot concerned by agreeing that, yes, if you weren't aware of the fact that vacuum cleaners did occasionally need to be emptied of all the dead skin and toast crumbs they selflessly suck up every day, they would at some point in the future all cease to work.

Unless Dyson starts installing a miniature black hole inside its cleaners, they will indeed all need emptying at some stage. It is a sad fact of life.

However, the very understanding man at the ASA went on to explain in quite simple terms that most users were going to be innately aware of how vacuum cleaners operate, so complaining that Dyson's claims were misleading was rather nonsensical. And a big waste of everyone's time. [ASA]