BBC's London HQ "Infested With Rats;" Alan Partridge Isn't At All Surprised

By Kat Hannaford on at

Vermin's just one of those things Londoners take in their stride, like crippling transport costs and craft beer-supping hipsters blocking easy access to the bar. But news that the BBC's Television Centre in West London is plagued with a rat infestation is just too funny to ignore. Did disgruntled workers let some heavy-breeders loose when they were shipped out to the new Salford HQ?

The Telegraph spoke to a tomato-sauce, who said that their "working conditions are becoming increasingly squalid because they're not bothering to carry out repairs," blaming a potential move as a reason for the lack of TLC to the old building.

Unsurprisingly, the BBC didn't formally comment on reports of the rat infestation, but various newsreaders and employees have taken to Twitter to complain that the building's "overrun with the little blighters," as Radio 4's newsreader Corrie Corfield claimed.

(Fictional) Alan Partridge, meanwhile, voiced his complete lack of surprise over the news, as you can see above. [The Telegraph via @ThisIsPartridge]

Image Credit: Rat from Shutterstock