Bleeding, Self-Healing Robot Sci-Fi Prophecy Comes to Pass

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new form of plastic that turns red and bleeds to help itself "heal" could be on the way, thanks to scientists creating a self-fixing material that mimics our skin.

But the idea of it isn't to create robot killing machines indistinguishable from proper humans, you might be pleased to hear. At least not in the near term. Mundane uses for the futuristic material include covering the surfaces of aeroplane wings, where the "blood" will give engineers a visual clue that damage has been sustained and requires fixing, or it could even be put to work "healing" trolley scratches on car bumpers.

Professor Marek Urban, from the University of Southern Mississippi, said: "Our new plastic tries to mimic nature, issuing a red signal when damaged and then renewing itself when exposed to visible light, temperature or pH changes." [Daily Mail]

Image credit: Robots from Shutterstock