Block-Out Nick Robinson From Your Facebook With the BBC News Control Panel

By Sam Gibbs on at

Social media is apparently where people consume most of their news these days; even the BBC is getting involved. It’s launched a BBC News Control Panel for Facebook that lets you customise what types of stories you see in your News Feed.

You can filter by topic; category; news show, or even down to the individual correspondent -- so if you happen to hate Nick Robinson you’re sorted. To get the control panel beta you need to have liked BBC News on Facebook, but from there you can streamline your stream to only what you want.

Apparently only 50 per cent of visitors to the BBC news site come through the front door, so this is the BBC’s attempt to reach out to the Facebook audience, from which it already pulls almost 250,000 visitors a day. I can’t say I consume news through Facebook myself, more through Twitter and RSS, but with this much customisation available even I’m tempted to give it a shot. [BBC]