Boris Johnson Accused of Unfollowing Procedure in Twitter Name Fight

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Labour party has complained about Boris Johnson's use of the London Mayor's Twitter feed, after Johnson changed the name of the account from "Mayor of London" to "Boris Johnson" -- a move which the red side of London claimed was tantamount to a hijacking the mayor's 250,000 followers.

Boris claimed this was done to encourage openness about who's saying what on company time, with the incumbent mayor required to keep his day job role separate from his re-election campaign tasks.

Yesterday, the @MayorofLondon profile was pointing to Johnson's re-election page, but that link's now been removed, with Boris promising to use a separate account for his canvassing duties from now on. Although that one's only got 4,400 followers, so he might struggle to motivate himself to play to such a small audience. [Guardian]