Buying and Other Fake Websites Is the Internet Equivalent of Wearing a Folex

By Casey Chan on at

If you have a questionable sense of humour with some disposable income to your name, here's something you can do: buy wrong website domains that totally look like the real thing. Like for See what I did there? It's like wearing a fake Rolex but on the Internet.

Some peopl won't even notice the difference! M-named websites are the easiest to fool people with because of how the letters r and n look right next to each other. It works for,,, and (though you might not want to spoof that last one). In fact, some people think it's such a good idea to buy lookalike websites that they're marking up these Folex website prices by a ton, is actually being sold by Sedo, a domain marketplace, for £3,000. If you want a good fake, it's gonna cost you.

What other fake imposter websites could you try to buy? and aren't available though you could steal for 6 quid. Same with and and are not for sale which goes to show how hard it is to get a good fake these days. That's why it's so fun to find a good one. Like for a fiver. You didn't hear it from me. [SEDO via @mikko]