Camera+ 3.0 for iPhone Snaps Prettier Photos and Makes Sharing Easier

By Adrian Covert on at

Camera+ is one of the go-to camera apps for many a Giz staffer, and today they dropped a pretty significant update that, among other things, brings more advanced options for capturing photos, an improved engine for Clarity, and a redesigned system for importing and exporting images.

You've long been able to adjust focus and exposure independently of each other in Camera+, but now you can also lock those settings so that they don't automatically adjust themselves if you adjust the composition of your shot. You can also import a batch load of photos at once, which is nice if you have pics you captured with another app that you want to edit/adjust/tweak/enhance using Camera+, and then you can export multiple photos at once to multiple social networks.

Inventive also says the Clarity filter has also been improved upon which will thrill many a person who enjoys uploading beautiful pics to Instagram. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. For power users, there are new UIs, workflows, APIs and notifications to make Camera+ even more powerful than before. Thankfully, the price is still 69p (or free if you've previously purchased the app). [iTunes]