Can't Get Enough Pi? Grab the Raspberry Pi's Official Arch Linux Right Now

By Sam Gibbs on at

You might not be able to get your mitts on one just yet, unless you were one of the lucky ones that is, but you can get your downloading-tendrils all over its official Arch Linux ARM operating system right now.

We saw a Fedora Remix that had been worked up for the barebones wonder, but Raspberry Pi’s official Linux install of choice is Arch. It won’t be for everyone though, that’s for sure; it doesn’t even come with a GUI. But it’s designed so you can make the Pi into whatever you want.

So, if unlike me, you’re the kind of person who knows how to install your own GUI on top of a Linux kernel, then Arch is for you. Jump on over to the Pi downloads page to grab it now, or hit the announcement post for more information. That will have to sate your Pi cravings for now. [Raspberry Pi]