Carbon Fiber Mobile Phone with Embedded Pocket Watch is Fuuuuuugly (and Expensive)

By Bulent Yusuf on at

The Celsius LeDIX Eternal is strange hybrid of clamshell mobile phone and pocket watch. The outside of the titanium and carbon fiber body houses an elaborate mechanism of 600 moving parts, visible through sapphire crystal glass. Launched at Baselworld with an eye-watering £206,000 dollar price-tag, it's the most flagrantly ostentatious gadget of 2012.

The specs of the phone aren't exactly cutting edge; it's got a camera and a dictionary in 24 languages, and that's it. But the makers claim to have lodged a patent for future models where the battery is charged by the rotation of the hinge as the phone is opened and closed. Also in the pipeline is a mechanical ringtone, where the sound produced by a miniature music box will alert you when someone is calling. [Celsius]