CCTV Captures a Harry Potter Actor and a Millionaire's Daughter Red-Handed and Partaking In the London Riots

By Sam Gibbs on at

Showing that money doesn’t change a thing when it comes to scumbag criminals, both an actor from Harry Potter and a millionaire’s daughter have allegedly been caught rioting along with the rabble from the London riots last summer by CCTV coppers.

Following “painstaking” review of London’s CCTV footage of the riots, both Jamie Waylett, better known as Vincent Crabbe (the lardarse bully from Harry Potter), and Laura Johnson, daughter of marketing firm Avongate’s millionaire owner, were spotted on video.

Waylett was caught carrying a petrol bomb and swigging from a stolen bottle of champagne. His defense was akin to “I didn’t do it guv”, saying that he was just carrying it for a friend, and that he was simply fascinated by what was happening -- fascinated wouldn't be the word I would have used. Johnson on the other hand played at getaway driver, claiming that she’d been carjacked. Unfortunately that defense is just a tad weak too as she was spotted shoving a Goodmans box into her car and driving off. Oh the shame; at least make it a Sony, Bose or B&O – something actually worth stealing.

And there we thought that having CCTV everywhere in Big Brother Britain was just an invasion of privacy; who’d have thought it’d finally be useful. [Metro 1, 2]