A Chinese Farmer Builds a DIY Plane Out of Scrap In His Backyard

By Sam Gibbs on at

After collecting scrap for two years and melding it into the homemade monstrosity you see above, Li Jingchun’s self-built plane is finally finished – at least on the outside.

As reported by the People's Daily, right now it’s missing a few crucial components; the interior being one, and an engine being another. Of course Jingchun also doesn’t have a pilots licence or the foggiest how his contraption could ever fly, but that hasn’t deterred the 58-year-old – it’s his dream to pilot a passenger plane.

Having already spent over £4,000 trying to get his DIY-plane off the ground, a dream is where it'll probably stay; at least I hope it does. It looks like a right death trap; I don’t want him flying that thing anywhere near me, unlike these other awesome Chinese DIY flying machines, of course. [People's Daily]