Could You Get Obsessed With a Games Console Called Orbis?

By Gary Cutlack on at

New rumours regarding Sony's next-gen home console have emerged, revealing Sony is currently calling the PlayStation4 "Orbis" and is aiming for a release during the Christmas shopping bonanza window of 2013.

According to games blog Kotaku who heard this from a "reliable source," the hardware is still on track to be provided entirely by AMD, which will be producing both the CPU and the GPU. The source claims the GPU has been beefed up since it was last rumoured, with the current PS4 hardware now believed to be built around AMD's 2012 spec Southern Islands chipset.

The source also claims that PS4 will not be compatible with PS3, as you might expect from a complete switch in hardware provider. Plus there may be an online authentication system in place, to effectively kill off the used game market, or require buyers of used titles to pay an additional fee to access the full game.

Sony's actual plans will depend heavily on what Microsoft does, though. If MS goes ahead with its own rumoured 2013 launch, we could see the above mooted PS4 coincide with that. If Microsoft delays its plans, PS4 is likely to be similarly delayed for further beefing up to ensure the next-next-generation is a fair fight. [Kotaku]