David Cameron Denies Personal Nuke Control iPad App, Or Any Other Personal App For That Matter

By Sam Gibbs on at

Our dear Prime Minister, David Cameron, loves his iPad apparently. So much so that a government control app has reportedly been developed for keeping an eye on the country from a tablet; it’s just not one that’ll allow him to control our Trident nuclear defence system, or do any other PM-specific duties he has to perform.

DC, as he’s known to his friends, responded to a parliamentary question posed by the Labour MP Tom Blenkinson, about whether he had been in discussions with Minister for the Cabinet Office concerning putting a personal, PM-only iPad app into development. Cameron simply replied “nope”.

Of course he could already have one, and that “nope” is simply confirming that he hasn’t needed to talk to the Cabinet Office about it; he is a politician after all, and you know how slippery they can be under questioning.

Parliament, like the justice courts and police, is trying to go paperless. It wouldn’t surprise me to see iPad apps for all sorts of government functions cropping up; not that you’ll be able to buy them, or even see them, unless you’re an MP. You’re not a MP are you? [The Register]

Image credit: World Economic Forum from flickr