David Cameron Will Be the First Leader to Fly On Barack Obama's Air Force One Plane

By Gary Cutlack on at

Our Prime Minister must've been really banging on about the "Special Relationship" between the US and UK recently, as he's about to become the first non-US world leader to get a free ride aboard Air Force One with the President.

The trip will cover a 70-minute flight between Washington and Ohio, with Obama keen to fly Cameron out to see a basketball game. Which could be seen as a flattering informal date between the two leaders, or perhaps a sign that Obama doesn't want to have his fun spoiled and plans interrupted by having to hang around with Cameron all day.

The private aircraft, which is one of two refitted Boeing 747-200B planes used by the US President, comes with a state room, conference room and presidential office. We wonder if Cameron will be trusted with the password for the Wi-Fi, which is surely the ultimate modern test of any Special Relationship? [Guardian]