Desperate For an iPad as Early as Possible Tomorrow? Apple Might Not Be the Best Place to Get it

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apple announced yesterday that it’d be opening its stores at 8AM tomorrow, but what if you want it at midnight? Good news rabid iPad buyers -- PC World is here to help, opening its Tottenham Court Road store in London on the stroke of 12:01 this evening, with others at throwing open their doors at 7AM.

PC World stores in other major British cities, including Edinburgh and Birmingham will apparently open an hour earlier than Apple at 7AM, so if you’re there when the doors open you’ll have a whole 60-minutes to gloat over your Apple-queuing friends.

If you’re really that desperate, it might be worth ringing round some other stores to enquire about opening times. You might find network operator or two will open a tad early. Hopefully you’re not that desperate though. What, you’re already queuing? Never mind then. [Pocket-Lint]