Did the Russians Just Find a Massive Fragment of a Real Life UFO?

By Sam Gibbs on at

What is that object above? It was apparently found near a remote village in the middle of Siberia, and no one knows how it got there or what it is. It’s presumed to have fallen from space, but the 200kg “fragment” isn’t anything related to human space technology, according to Russian space agency officials. Did a chunk of ET’s ship really just crash-land on Earth?

It’s cylindrical in shape and capped at one end by a silvery dome. It took quite a lot of effort to drag it into the village of Otradnesnky, but once there, the object was confiscated for further analysis. Preliminary results revealed that it was partly made from titanium and that it wasn’t radioactive.

They still don’t know what it is though, not even NASA does, although they say that it doesn’t look anything like “part of a launch vehicle which has fallen from orbit”. While it’s not clear whether it really did fall from space, at 200kg it’s quite large to be dragged all the way out there.

It certainly looks like something I’d expect to see on the side of a spaceship of alien origin. Maybe ET hit something on the way to visit us and part of his ship got broken off and landed on our humble planet. What do you reckon dear readers? Do you believe? [Space.com]