Dr Who's New Companion Welcomed Aboard With Fake Twitter Sex Vid Spam

By Gary Cutlack on at

Poor old Jenna-Louise Coleman was launched into the spotlight yesterday, as the BBC announced she'd be the next platonic bit-on-the-side to team up with Dr Who in the mainstream children's drama. It didn't take long for Twitter spam bots to start firing out links to fake sex videos supposedly starring the actress.

The Naked Security blog, part of the Sophos anti-virus protection company, bravely clicked on all the Twitter spam links containing the name of the actress, only to find they contained "what appears to be a portal for an Asian hardcore porn video website."

The security team then selflessly clicked on every image on the page, as you do, discovering they masked a "clickjacking" exploit that makes the user follow a certain Amazon affiliate deals account on Twitter. Which illustrates the bizarre lengths spammers go to to make a few pence. [Naked Security via Telegraph]

Image credit: BBC