E.Tree Found Near Swindon

By Pete Bennett on at

HOT NEWS IN WILTSHIRE! A 70-year old pensioner called Ken has discovered an effigy of everyone’s favourite extra-terrestrial hiding in a tree. Ken’s close encounter with the über famous grey happened whilst he was chopping wood with his wife Janet over the weekend (not a euphemism).

Ken told the Swindon Advertiser:

“I was just carving this wood up with my chain-saw and this was one of the last logs of the big pile.


“We dusted it off and said, ‘Gosh look at that, it’s ET’.


“We’ve been cutting wood for years, and we’ve never found anything like this before.”


Janet said: “We couldn’t believe it when we saw it – it has even got the little lines around the chin and the neck and the big eyes.

The pensioners seem to have a solid grasp on what makes the UK media tick these days, adding:

“We’ve seen the stories in newspapers before when people have found faces in their toast or in wood, so we thought we should let the Adver know about it.”

However, Ken and Janet aren’t stopping there, no no no. Ken’s planning on slicing the trunk up into three and giving his two lucky sons a present they won’t quickly forget! [Swindon Advertiser via This is Wiltshire]

Interesting ET fact: Harrison Ford’s cameo as Elliot’s head teacher was cut out by Spielberg post-production.