EA's Battlefield 3: Aftershock Permanently Retired From Duty

By Gary Cutlack on at

EA's attempt to bring its popular shooter series to mobiles has come to an embarrassing end, with the mega-publisher admitting its rubbish game won't be returning to iTunes.

The iOS release of Battlefield 3: Aftershock was pulled shortly after launch, after a flood of negative reviews and critical comments gave it a right mauling on Apple's store. Given that the game was a free release, it was all the more humiliating for the developer.

At the time, EA said it was taking it off sale and "re-evaluating" the title. But now, in a new statement, it says: "In the interest of bringing consumers only the highest level of quality mobile entertainment, EA Mobile has decided to suspend development and support of Battlefield 3: Aftershock and refocus its resources on other titles."

The servers will be staying up until March 31st to allow those few who enjoyed the experience to have a few last weeks of glitchy, crash-ridden fun. [The Verge]